Main Platform Highlights

NFT Collection Display

Owners can proudly post the NFTs they own simultaneously on the main feed and their homepage.

NFT Content Creation

Artists can create virtual showrooms that display all of their artwork in one place even if the artwork is minted on various platforms. 

Content Interaction

Visitors to our website can like, comment, and share to other social media sites NFTs they find interesting. For those new to crypto, links are posted from the NFT artwork they desire directly to the platform of purchase. It's that easy!

User Rewards

We give active participants on our site Reputation points. These REP points can be exchanged for our token, CTV.  For every 100 REP points, you get 10 CTV.  Owning one of our NFTs, (coming soon!) earns more CTV.  EXAMPLE: A rare NFT owner, will receive 10 more FREE TOKENS! The amount of FREE TOKENS is dependent upon how many NFTS you own and class (common, rare, etc.).